Desert Bus For Hope is a fundraiser for the charity Child’s Play, run by the good folks over at The first year they raised almost $23 000, and last year they raised over $70 000.

Desert Bus is one of the games on the Sega CD release Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, and is said to be the worst and more boring game ever made. The user drives from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, in real time. The bus cannot go over 45 miles an hour, and you can’t stop. The drive lasts 8 hours. Not only that, but the bus has a slight list to the right, so you have to constantly re-adjust. When you get there, you get 1 point, and have the option to go back. If they crash they have to wait for a tow truck to come, and then tow them back to the start. There is no scenery or curves on the route.

The way Desert Bus For Hope, which started in 2007, works, is that the 4 bussers (who bus in shifts of four hours) bus for as long as people keep donating. The first hour costs $1, and then the cost increases by 7% every time (so that they don’t just drive forever). The event is broadcast live over the internet, at If you want, you can also see the screen that they’re seeing at

They’ve been featured on TV a few times, and have gained many fans over the three years. It’s a ton of fun to watch, even if you don’t donate, and I suggest you check it out.