Paper Towns, by John Green

Few books can keep you up reading till midnight, but those that do are the ones to be saved and cherished.

Paper Towns is one of those books.

The novel is set in Orlando, Florida. It follows Quentin Jacobson, the main character in his attempt to find his long-time neighbour, friend, and crush, Margo Roth Spiegelman. She has disappeared, just when he thinks he is closer to her than ever, and feels he has to find her. Throughout the journey he discovers more about himself, her, and the connections between people.

John Green does a remarkable job of capturing adolescence and the feeling associated with it and writes an incredibly moving and gripping novel. The story, while an entertaining read, also provides food for thought on the matter of how we perceive others and ourselves.

Those of you who wish to find out more about John Green should check out as well as He has written two other novels, and maintains a very popular video blog with his brother Hank (linked to above).

Paper Towns is an incredible read, one that you’ll never forget. I heavily recommend it to anyone, teenage or not.

To those of you disappointed by the quality of this review, I apologize. I had an appointment with procrastination. Oh, and it’s my first review.